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Power Up 

In order to express our full potential for health and vitality, we need to understand the genes we have inherited from our family line.

Our DNA is our “Book of Life”. Our bodies are powered by little engines inside each of our cells called mitochondria which “Power Up” our organs and immune system to keep us healthy and vital...and these mitochondria receive their instructions from our DNA.

When this communications loop between our DNA and our cells becomes compromised, we lose our ability to return to, or maintain, vital health.

Conditions such as ADHD, autism, autoimmunity and other chronic complex health issues can result. 

These can be very difficult to get to the bottom of without understanding the genetic input even though they are not strictly considered 

genetic diseases.... its all down to the signalling to and from your cells.

If we don’t understand how our DNA is communicating with our cells, we are effectively missing 50% of our health picture because the structural, nutritional, neurotransmitter, hormonal and other health imbalances we may be addressing could well be nothing to do with weaknesses in the cells, organs and systems themselves.... they can be simply the result of being downstream of the inappropriate messages going to and from our DNA.

In other words, without the genetic understanding, we risk not getting to the real nub of the matter.

 This results in the “one step forward and two back” feeling.

The Power Up Protocol is a protocol developed over 27 years of clinical experience.

 It incorporates an in-depth understanding of your genes to tailor your treatment protocols so that they are laser 

focused to what is going on right down to your DNA.

The Power Up Treatment involves a series of tests, using the Kinesiology testing method.  If you haven’t experienced

 Kinesiology before it simply requires me to challenge a muscle.

The Protocol is very in-depth and can tell us a lot about what is going on within the body. Which is why I would advise having

 a DNA test to be carried out, I can organise this for you. This gives us a very clear picture of what is going on in the body and can assist me greatly when running the Protocol. It can help us to understand how the DNA is communicating with your cells and gives us a clearer picture of your health.

After the Protocol testing is concluded it is likely that a selection of remedies will be required for the body to make the necessary corrections. These remedies may be needed for a couple of days or a few weeks, everyone is individual.  The cost of the remedies I try to keep to a minimum and supply where I can, although some remedies will be needed in larger amounts and remedy bottles may need to be purchased.

During the taking of the remedies, it is advised that all other supplements or herbal remedies are not taken, however if you would really like to continue with them then I would advise bringing them with you to the Treatment and they can be tested to see how they will affect the Protocol.

It is advised and best practice to have the following Treatment when the Protocol indicates, so that may result in having a couple of Treatments close together. The number of Treatments you need also varies from one person to the next however, if you wanted to see what the Protocol can do for you, I would suggest five treatments. On average clients have seen a significant uplevel after five treatments.

During the Protocol, whilst you are taking the remedies you are likely to experience a shifting of the body as toxins are encouraged to leave and the body tries to level up. This may result in you feeling tired, out of sorts and generally not yourself. This may only last for a day or it may last a week or so, everyone is individual. I just want you to be aware that it may not be completely plain sailing and if you are to encounter a storm, 

as such, then you just need to ride the waves, rest, and look after yourself.  


DNA Health Test

This is something I organise for you and involves you taking a saliva swab.   Full interpretation of the test  is included in the cost.



Power Up Treatment Adult 

Each treatment includes a consultation and treatment. After the treatment remedies, supplements, dietary changes, lifestyle recommendations and relaxation and 

exercises maybe suggested.


1st Treatment  120mins £160

75 min  £105

Power Up Treatment Child

Each treatment includes a consultation and treatment. After the treatment remedies, supplements, dietary changes, lifestyle recommendations and relaxation and 

exercises maybe suggested.


Consultations can be arranged before the treatment if necessary.


1st Treatment 90mins  £130

60mins £85

Treatment was amazing but the lovely service with it went the extra mile. I couldn't be more grateful.

Thank you Louise


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