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Holistic Treatments

All holistic body treatments are designed to relax and balance the mind, body and Soul, to create perfect harmony. Prior to your treatment a lifestyle consultation will be carried out to ensure that you will receive the perfect tailored treatment. 

I pride myself in providing customised treatments therefore any treatment combination can be put together to ensure your needs and concerns are met. Please feel free to create your own treatment.

If you have long term illness or require a treatment on regular basis to really benefit I do offer courses of six. 

Zone Out Treatment

This treatment touches all the zones leaving you feeling at peace and completely rebalanced. This treatment combines a deeply relaxing acupressure point massage on the face, scalp, hands and feet. If your suffering from anxiety, stress, poor sleep or just need a recharge then this is a treatment for you.

Full Treatment 80mins £72

Swedish Massage

Using a high quality natural oil the muscle tissues are deeply massaged thus aiding release of any physical tensions and strains held with in the body.

Full Body Treatment or 60mins £57.50

Back & Neck or 30mins £38

Courses are available if regular treatments are required.

Scalp Massage

Combining pressure point massage and Indian Head massage techniques the shoulders, neck and scalp is thoroughly de-stressed and revived. The perfect treatment if you have been suffering from neck pain, headaches and tight scalp. This treatment can be performed 'dry' (with no oil), with natural oil or with a scalp mask. 

Scalp Massage Treatment 30mins £35

Aromatherapy Massage

For the ultimate in total relaxation and body wellness a combination of an advanced pressure point massage and finely blended essential oils are chosen to meet your individual needs and concerns.

Full Body Treatment 75mins £65           

Back, Neck & Scalp 35mins £40

Total Harmony

This is a luxurious treatment as it combines Reflexology and Aromatherapy in to a stress relieving massage. The treatment is a body massage that concentrates on the back, the feet, the face and scalp. It uses the finally blended oils from Aromatherapy and the ancient techniques from Reflexology to offer you a massage that touches all of the senses.

 Full Treatment 60mins £58.50

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy originates from the Native Americans and is thousands of years old. It is a treatment that uses warm stones to massage and manipulate tension areas of the body, it is a deeply relaxing treatment that aims to create balance and harmony in the mind, body and soul. 

Full Body Treatment 60mins £57.50

Back, Neck 30mins £38


Reflexology is an advanced treatment originally from the East that is performed on the feet or hands, and treats the entire body, internally and externally. The treatment is a combination of massage and pressure point massage. For a deep, thorough treatment that can aid relaxation, stress relief and individual concerns this is the answer.

Full Treatment 45mins £45

Full Treatment 60mins £55 Includes use of Aromatherapy Oils, additional massage and Reiki.


Reiki is a natural form of universal healing that can be channelled to you through one of the seven energy points of your body (Chakra). This treatment can allow you to experience the healing from within and feel at peace. Reiki can aid any individual concern, it will also work along side any medication or other medical treatments helping relieve side effects and promoting the bodies natural recovery. I have been practicing Reiki for 20years and seen many positive effects and after completing my Masters, I am enjoying seeing the results of a more powerful level of energy.

 Full Treatment 45mins £45

Thermo Auricular Therapy

This is a treatment that involves your ears, it has been used through out history to treat a variety of different ear conditions including snoring, excessive wax, sinusitis, rhinitis, glue ear, headaches, migraines, vertigo and water in the ears. The treatment involves Hopi Ear Candles, these are special ear candles renowned for their healing benefits. The treatment is safe and non-invasive and includes a face and neck pressure point massage.

Full Treatment Adult 30mins £30

Full Treatment Child 20mins £20

As it is common to need more than one Hopi Ear Treatment if treating a condition, I do offer a course of 5 Treatments for the price of 4.

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