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Kinesiology is pronounced kin-easy-ology and it is a treatment that can evaluate our structural, chemical and mental balance. It is detected though muscles testing whereby each muscles indicates if it is balanced or imbalanced. If a muscle is imbalanced Kinesiology can combine the techniques and skills from chiropractic, naturopathy, osteopathy and acupuncture to bring about balance and wellbeing within the body. This treatment is ideal if you have a specific aliment or you just need an MOT. 

The treatment itself involves no pain or discomfort and you simply relax.  I simply ask you to move or hold a muscle in a certain position for a couple of seconds and this will give me a clear indication of that particular muscle being balanced or not.  During the treatment you will feel the difference when a muscle is balanced or out of balance and you can also feel when it has been corrected.

This treatment can treat ANY aliment, physical, mental or emotional. I can also test for and treat Allergies.  You do not have to go into detail of an ailment if you do not wish to, I can still treat you.  This treatment works very much on energy so if you have an imbalance or your body is storing a trauma or upset the treatment can release it.

I can not recommend this treatment enough. I have treated a fairly wide range of ailments and I still feel and describe the treatment results as "like magic".  Some examples of conditions I have helped include, headaches, PMT, shoulder impingement, stiff neck, fears, pins and needles in hands, knee injury, sleep problems, lower back pain, IBS, stomach and digestive problems.  I can even treat babies and animals. I have already successfully treated a horse!

First Treatment (Includes full consultation) 1hr 30mins £50
Further Treatments 1hr £45 

Take at look at one of my clients testimonials...

Today I experienced a super new treatment with Louise - Kinesiology! I didn't have any expectations or specific ailments (apart from slight tightness in the shoulders) before I started, I was more intrigued with the idea of muscle testing as a form of re-balancing the body. The treatment was calm and relaxing with no strain or stress on the body as Louise worked her way through the muscle-testing process, acupressure pressure points and scalp massage. Louise picked up on my shoulder tightness, which was discovered through my quads being weak as she tested their movement. This also showed up my ongoing lower back weakness, not something that I had mentioned but had being feeing sore recently. Overall the treatment made me feel relaxed, at ease and pain free. I felt looser in my shoulders and a nice sense of wellbeing. I would highly recommend this Kinesiology treatment!

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